Instagram Video Downloading: Detailed Steps for Beginners

Instagram Video Downloading: Detailed Steps for Beginners


We are living in an era where social media has been integrated into every aspect of our lives. Instagram, with its millions of users, is undeniably one of the biggest platforms on the net. It not only allows users to share photos and stories but also videos. But what about when you come across a video you love and want to download it to your device? Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer a direct solution to download videos. However, in this article, as an IT Specialist, I will guide beginners through a step-by-step process on how to download Instagram videos with ease.

Why Download Instagram videos?

Before delving into detailed steps on how to download videos, you might be wondering why need to download videos in the first place? Here are a few reasons.

  • To save an occasional funny or lovely video that you would like to watch repeatedly without going online again.
  • To save on data when you want to watch the video multiple times.
  • To gather content for a presentation.
  • To keep a video before the uploader deletes it.

What you need for Instagram Video Downloading

Before we commence, ensure you have the following.

  • An internet connection
  • The device you want to save the video on
  • The URL link to the Instagram video
  • An Instagram video downloader

While there are numerous video downloaders available online, I will recommend a few reliable ones later in this guide.

Steps to Download Instagram Videos

Now, let’s get started with the process. Follow these steps to download a video from Instagram.

Step 1: Locate and Copy Video URL

The first thing is to find the video you want to download on Instagram.

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the video.
  • Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the video post.
  • Select ‘Copy link’ from the options.

Step 2: Go to the Video Downloader

With the copied URL, you are now ready to start the downloading process.

  • Open your chosen Instagram Video Downloader on your web browser.
  • Paste the copied link into the search box.
  • Typically, there will be a ‘Download’, ‘Go’, or similar button you need to click to proceed.

Step 3: Choose The Quality and Download

Once the video is processed, you have the option to choose the video’s quality.

  • Choose the desired quality.
  • Click ‘Download’ again to finally download the video to your device.

Recommended Instagram Video Downloaders

There are several Instagram Video Downloaders available. However, not all can guarantee reliability and safety. Below are some of the video downloaders you can trust:

  • DownloadGram
  • Savieo
  • Gramsave

Please keep in mind that before using any online downloading tool, make sure to respect copyright laws and use the downloaded content responsibly.

Final Remarks

As users, we sometimes feel constrained by the limitations set by social media platforms. However, thanks to technology and the internet, we can always find a solution. Following the above steps, anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, can download videos from Instagram with ease. Happy downloading!

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

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