How to Download Your Favourite Twitter Videos – A Simple Guide

How to Download Your Favourite Twitter Videos – A Simple Guide


If you’re a Twitter enthusiast, you might have come across multiple videos that grabbed your interest and the urge to download them must have kicked in. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t offer a direct download feature to save videos for offline viewing, but fret not! With the help of some simple methods, you can certainly download your favourite Twitter videos.

You might ask, “Do I need technical expertise for this task?” Absolutely no! This guide will provide you with simple and easy steps to successfully achieve this. This is a universal guide suitable for any device including PC, Android, or iOS.

Downloader Websites

One of the easiest ways to download videos from Twitter is by using third-party websites. They are user-friendly and easy to use.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Copied the desired Twitter video URL
  • Paste the copied URL into the input box of the downloader website
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button
  • Select the desired video quality
  • Save the video on your desired location

Remember to be mindful of website security, as some sites may have malicious pop-ups.

Using Apps

Another handy method to download Twitter videos is by using specific applications designed for this particular purpose. Both Android and iOS applications usually have an almost similar process for downloading video.

The below steps should be followed:

  • Install a Twitter video downloader app from respective app stores
  • Go to your Twitter account and navigate to the desired video
  • Click the ‘share’ icon and select ‘Copy Link’
  • Paste the copied link within the downloader app and click ‘Download’
  • Select the desired quality and save the video

Browser Extensions for PC

For those who like to download Twitter videos directly on your PC, browser extensions like those available for Chrome or Firefox are a viable option. Once installed, you can download videos directly from the Twitter platform itself with a single click.

Common steps include:

  • Visit your browser’s extension store
  • Search for a Twitter video downloader
  • Add it to your browser
  • Visit Twitter and you will now see a download option under every video

Always remember that any video shared on social media is subject to copyright laws, so always make sure you are respecting these rights when downloading Twitter videos.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

While these methods allow you to download and save your favourite Twitter videos, it’s always nice to give credit where credit is due. If you’re planning on sharing these videos elsewhere, it’s a good habit to mention the original creator, especially if that’s not you!

Remember that digital content creators put a lot of work into their creations and they deserve recognition for it. Plus, it’s also a neat way to avoid any potential copyright issues.

There you have it! It’s as simple as that. You can now easily save your favorite Twitter videos to watch offline whenever you want. No technical details, no tangled processes – just straightforward steps, and you are good to go!

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

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